Installing directly on Home Assistant OS as a client and a resource

Why would i need to do this: So I can access IPs set in iframe from anywhere with the home assistant app

Hey Gavin,

Just to clarify, there will be iFrames within the HomeAssistant UI that are only accessible via your Twingate network?

If this is the case, a Twingate client on the HA VM will not actually change anything, as iFrame access will come from the “client” device you’re accessing HA from, not the HA device itself. (So you would need a Twingate client on your phone/pc/whatever)

At this time, we don’t have a way to install the client or controller directly on HAOS as it’s not based on a currently supported distribution like Ubuntu or CentOS, but is rather its own thing built using Buildroot.

It looks as though HAOS does support Docker, so you may be able to install a vm of some description inside a container on your HAOS device, but I can not guarantee smooth sailing when it’s containers all the way down.

Your best bet would be to have an additional device or VM on your network to run the connector in so that you can access the HAOS box as if it were a local device.

Ah ok so I tried it in a container but kept getting “connection refused” os error 111 so basically all i have to do is get my devices under https because there is a good bit of it using http thanks for the help

My synology is instant win because I have quick connect setup but I mainly run other services so this will work but for the main DSM interface quickconnect other services twingate