Install connector Windows Server 2022

I would like to be able to install a connector on Windows Server 2022 but I encounter an error with Multipass. I get a message that says Hyper-v is not enabled. Any ideas ??


it looks like Windows Server in general is not supported by Multipass (see thread here: Multipass on Hyper-V Server? - Multipass - Ubuntu Community Hub)

An alternative would be to install Docker for Windows on your Windows Server 2022 and deploy the Connector as a container there.

Twingate will be releasing a native Windows Connector sometime later this year, FYI.

This work for us, but we haven been able to set the container (connector) to run with Windows system start (without user logon).

Is there a way for this use case? the user needs to be logged in for the connector to run?

Hi @ivanh,

I think you might be correct there… I do think a user needs to be logged on for Docker to start on Windows.

I am seeing mentions of folks trying it out (see here) but without success, unfortunately.

hey Bren any idea of when this is supposed to happen that feature would be great! Ty

Hey AJ,

We’re still working on it and don’t have an exact date quite yet, but rest assured, when it’s released we’ll be singing from the rafters!