Inquiry Regarding Performance Analysis for Thesis Research on Zero Trust

Dear Twingate,

My name is Nordin, and I am currently a graduate student at Mid Sweden University, pursuing a thesis on the performance analysis of Zero Trust solutions compared to legacy VPNs.

In the pursuit of my research, I have identified Twingate as a focal point for evaluating the efficacy of Zero Trust architecture. Specifically, I am keen on comprehensively understanding the performance aspects of your solution relative to traditional VPNs, especially in real-world usage scenarios. The overarching goal of my thesis is to provide practical insights into the tangible advantages that Zero Trust models, such as Twingate, offer to organizations, with a particular focus on network performance.

During a recent discussion with my supervisor, a novel approach was suggested for assessing network access performance. The proposal involves employing a camera to record the computer screen, initiating network access via Twingate, and measuring the time taken for connection establishment. Subsequently, by analyzing the recorded frames, we aim to calculate various performance metrics. This methodology aims to capture the user experience in real-time and provide valuable insights into the efficiency of Twingate.

I am reaching out to explore the possibility of collaboration or seek your guidance on how best to execute this proposed methodology or even a better approach. If there are specific resources, technical documentation, or support from Twingate that would facilitate this approach, it would be immensely beneficial for the success of my research.

I am open to scheduling a call or meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss this approach further and ensure that the implementation aligns with Twingate’s protocols. Your support and insights would significantly contribute to the success of my research.

Thank you very much for considering my request, and I look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with Twingate on this significant research initiative.

Best regards,

Hi Nordin,

have you already read this page on Twingate’s network performance? It details the methodology used and might be a good starting point for you.

Hello there Bren,

That is actually of tremendous help, thank you so much!