How to use it with HarmoneyOS?

As the topic. I do installed the android client on HarmoneyOS 4.0 but it can’t make connection with service. So should I waiting for the HarmoneyOS Client or other way that I can run?

Hi JWalker,

I do not have access to a HarmonyOS device, but from what I can see this looks to be a Huawei specific distribution built in-house, and does not come pre-installed with the Google app suite/libraries. Those apps/libraries are something we absolutely require in order to work properly on Android devices, and even if you’re able to sideload them it may not be enough to allow us to run.

If you have the GApps installed on your device, you can try sending in the logs from the mobile client and if they come through we can take a look, but I can’t make any promises we’ll be able to find a solution.



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Thanks Arthur,

I hope the team will support the harmoney OS client later.

Hi Arthur,

Could I get your email address than I can send the logs to you to help your team.

Hi Jwalker, we’re you able to successfully run twingate in harmonyOS? I am facing the same issue now. Thank you.

Not yet, but I believe that time will not for long.