How to enable docker connector to wake macos when connections desired

Running docker connector on macos ventura imac 24" m1 setup. Issue i’m finding is that macos goes to sleep and even with the “wake for network access” setting enabled the twingate connector goes offline unless someone walks by imac and does a keyboard key tap or mouse click.

Alternatively tried running terminal window with “caffeinate -is -t <seconds to keep system from going to sleep or leave off for always awake>” and that works to keep things up and running, downside is iMac is now up and running all the time.

Note i’m running the vm i want to connect to via twingate connector on same host and so it needs to be awake not only for the twingate connector but also the system i’m lloking for the connector to enable me to connect to remotely.

Anyone come up with strategies for hosting connector on a macos system and having the system wake up and stay running during time slots you want it to be available for twingate connections?

Hi @myusrn,

the Connector is not designed to turn on when activity is detected for a security reason: Connectors do not require any inbound port open which eliminates the public surface area of your network but the direct consequence of that is that your Client cannot initiate a connection to an open port to wake up the Connector.

A potential strategy would be to run it on a low cost raspberry pi on your network, they are back in stock and relatively inexpensive to run (they don’t require a lot of power).

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Got it thanks for the clarification and additional details. Would you expect low cost sbc like raspberry pi arm device or x86 variant that can host docker containers would introduce any performance impacts in the vpn connection taht is established with the rendezvous point in cloud?