How to connect via a socks proxy server

Hi, I am an employee using Twingate Client to access company’s wesbites/resources, and I need to use a socks proxy server (for example, socks5:// to connect to google services etc since I am travelling in mainland China and I am wondering how do I route the twingate traffic via this server? (otherwise I am unable to access the resources even I am connected to the twingate also verified) Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Hi Dex!

Can you provide a little bit more information on what you’re trying to accomplish? I apologize but I’m not following it.

Right now, your flow would be [Machine] > [SOCKS5 Proxy] > [Company Sites/Internet]

Are you looking to have it like this:

[Machine] > [SOCKS5 Proxy] > [Twingate] > [Company Sites/Internet]


[Machine] > [Twingate] > [SOCKS5 Proxy] > [Company Sites/Internet]?

Our normal suggestion would be to eliminate the proxy entirely as it is likely “redundant” in this scenario, and just host a Twingate Connector in (likely) the same location as your proxy, and then your traffic flow would be [Client] > [Twingate] > [Company Sites/Internet] depending on your resource definition, but if you can give me some more information about what you’re trying to accomplish we can certainly take a closer look!



Hi Arthur! Thank you for the reply,

I am looking at this [Machine] > [SOCKS5 Proxy] > [Twingate] > [Company Sites/Internet]. Currently I am putting the socks5 proxy on the router so I have no problem using twingate and thus company sites, but when I go on a tour I don’t have my router with me, so I am wondering is it possible to configure the network on my MacBook or how to make configurations in this case. Thank you again!

If you’ve got the SOCKS5 Proxy configured on your router, you could set up a Twingate connector on your home network, and create Twingate resources for all your specific company sites, so that when you’re away from home and connected to Twingate, the traffic is flowing through that connector and out to the internet via your home router, which should proxy the traffic accordingly.

Does that make sense?

Hi sorry for the late update, are there any possible ways to use socks5 proxy (maybe like a proxychains method?) at my MacBook while using the twingate? and make the network go via socks5 proxy first and then the twingate, when I am traveling it is a bit hard to take router with me and I am not able to set the Twingate connector, I am only using Twingate client. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!