How to choose a sensible local domain name for a home network?


This is a completed subject to me. I’ll try to explain the issue.

I have to different networks but both are using the 192.168.1.x
if network 1 has a computer with the ip address of and I am on the network 2 when I type the address in the browser address bar it will not connect to the computer 1 that is on network 1 if I am on the network 2.

Viceversa, If I am on network1 and I try to connect to computer on network2 it will not resolve via ip address.
example: I have a server named proxmox on network 1. I can not connect to it if I am on network 2.

I have bought a domain name and the dns servers are register to Cloudflare .

What should I name the devices on each of the local networks?
example: or computer1.home1.local?

Should I create sub sub domain names?

should I use cloudflare add dns recorders to help resolve the two different local device and hosting a service is also confusing dns settings.

Should I create subdomains in Cloudflare

need help with naming the devices to resolve via dns and to configure twingate dns

Thank you

For this to work properly you will need to use domain names to keep the traffic routed correctly. By using subdomains and siteY it will make it easier to route traffic over the connectors.
Let me know if I can help in any way. Have a spectacular day!!!