How do I remove/disconnect the Google Workspace syncing

I connected Google workspace, but now dont want it no more as i only want certain users to have access to VPN, not the whole organisation.

How I remove it now?

@acetinic thanks for posting. It was a pleasure working with you the other day!

Closing the loop on this with a couple pointers for those that stumble on this post in the future:

  • Currently Twingate’s Technical Support team will assist with IdP removals.
  • While an entire organization might be synced, only users who access a resource will take up a licensed seat. Further details in the below snippet from docs:

When added to Twingate, all users only have access to the “Everyone” group, and unless Resource(s) are added either to the Everyone group, or users are specifically assigned to a Group, users will not have access to any Twingate Resources.

You are only billed for the number of users seats you have paid for, not for the total number of synchronized users.