Faill install because net framework

Hello, I want to install twingate but appear net framework 4.8 is not supported, My windows 10, please help me.

Unfortunately, you will require .NET 6 to install the Twingate Windows Client as we cover here: Windows | Docs

I apologize for the inconvenience.


I already install .Net 6 as you mentioned. but It still fail to install twingate like Photo I sent to you. What Should I do?

Can you please run winver in a command prompt and post a screenshot of the window that pops up.

Yes, this. What Should I do?

Your Windows install is in dire need of an update. This particular version is about eight years out of date, which is almost certainly what is preventing the framework from installing properly.

If you can get your installation updated to a recent version, you should see the issue go away.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


I try with

another laptop. And appear like photo I Sent tou you. what should I do?

The error from the new laptop appears to be because it is a 32 bit installation of Windows, and the client will require a 64 bit installation, unfortunately.