Docker in Windows installation connector

Hi, I can’t run docker command and deploy container i assume it`s only working for Linux and Mac. Can I changed somehow this command to run though powershell or portainer?

Hi there, thanks for checking out Twingate! One way to get things running on Docker Windows is to use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). We’ve written up step-by-step instructions here: Remote Access to Plex on Windows Without Port Forwarding | Twingate
The tutorial talks about setting up Plex, but the same steps work for any application.
Please let us know if it worked or if you run into any issues!

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Thank You! It’s working. I have another problem i can’t connect when I’m using NordVpn but i think nothing can be done that NordVpn and Twingate will work together

Edit: I put everything in docker and it’s working perfect. Amazing service. Good job!

Everything was great and suddenlly I cannot start container i’m getting:

HYD: afvpn_obj_config: failed to process “dns”

State: Offline

State: Authentication

controller_t::operator(): failed to get SD: Invalid token, err code 1
controller_t::operator(): failed to get an access token: Invalid token

Ok finally I’m manage to fix. Something was wrong with wsl or Docker. I uninstall everything Hyper-v, Linux subsystem, vms like Ubuntu, docker and after fresh install it work