DNS Error - Bad response 5 (Refused) RHEL

Hello, i have a problem with my DNS server. I am using PowerDNS on my server side and when i enable my connector it gives this erro: [msg] Nameserver has failed: Bad response 5 (refused) and if i try to access any resources it throws an PR_END_OF_FILE error in Firefox do i have to setup any special records like SOA or NS?

In this instance the DNS server ( is refusing the lookup request being sent by the connector, so the connector is unable to facilitate the connection. There must be something (either firewall or system rule) preventing the Connector device/IP from sending a DNS request to that particular server.

If you do nslookup [twingate resource address] from the machine running the connector - what response do you get back?

Okay, i finally fixed it for good this time. I changed my DNS Server from PowerDNS to Technitium DNS and a docker connector to a Linux native connector and now everything works properly