Directing to specific port - without needing to specify it


We have several services on our network which are configured to only respond on a specific port - it 9001

Would it be possible to use Twingate to direct requests to that specific port? ie


instead of having to type




I had the same exact question. It would be great if admins could specify the alias redirect URL when setting up the service; this would solve this issue.

The only other thing I could think of was to create a landing page with links on it, but this is super sloppy and not real convenient.

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Welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out!

Currently this isn’t possible. The Twingate client runs a transparent proxy and doesn’t modify any traffic between the Client and any Resources, meaning we can’t redirect traffic to a specific port.

We’ve been thinking about possibly allowing you to configure the “Open in Browser” shortcut in the Client to open a Resource with a specific port, e.g. “Open in Browser” would open http://protainer.local:9001. Would that solve your use case?


This would definitely solve mine. I would love to have the ability to edit the shortcuts, not just the port but even a specific page, i.e.: or

instead of just

Also, just the ability to add/remove shortcuts in general.

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That’s great feedback, thank you!

Hello, just to add my support for this feature. I agree with the original poster that it would be really useful to be able to redirect to specific ports from the client, many of our services have custom ports and it becomes less useable if you have to connect to Twingate and then type the whole address into the browser separately rather than being able to click through.

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I totally concur the suggstion… and the solution stated by alexb would be 100% sufficient.