Directing to specific port - without needing to specify it


We have several services on our network which are configured to only respond on a specific port - it 9001

Would it be possible to use Twingate to direct requests to that specific port? ie


instead of having to type




I had the same exact question. It would be great if admins could specify the alias redirect URL when setting up the service; this would solve this issue.

The only other thing I could think of was to create a landing page with links on it, but this is super sloppy and not real convenient.

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Welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out!

Currently this isn’t possible. The Twingate client runs a transparent proxy and doesn’t modify any traffic between the Client and any Resources, meaning we can’t redirect traffic to a specific port.

We’ve been thinking about possibly allowing you to configure the “Open in Browser” shortcut in the Client to open a Resource with a specific port, e.g. “Open in Browser” would open http://protainer.local:9001. Would that solve your use case?


This would definitely solve mine. I would love to have the ability to edit the shortcuts, not just the port but even a specific page, i.e.: or

instead of just

Also, just the ability to add/remove shortcuts in general.

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That’s great feedback, thank you!