Cross Data-Centre Connectivity

Hi Forum-members,

I am new to Twingate and reviewing this for my company as an alternative to our VPN setup. Whilst it is easy to setup a client to connect to resources in our datacenter I am struggling somewhat to see how to allow machines in 1 DC to communicate with machines in our other DC. Is this something Twingate can do?


Big Dog

You can setup a service account for this if the machines wouldn’t “log in”. Does that sound like what you want/need to do?

Hi Jason

Thanks for the prompt response.

From 1st read this doesn’t appear to be what I am looking for. Hopefully this describes a little better below

Datacenter1 machine1<–>connector<—>WAN<—>connector<–> Datacentre2 machine2.

ie the twingate client can login to machine1 in Datacentre1 and from machine1 be able to login to machine2 in Datacentre2.