Critical Error on Wordpress when using Twingate


I’m using twingate to access a dev version of our site privately on Google Cloud. Everything works fine at first, but then after a period of time (matter of hours) the site admin stops working and shows the error "There has been a critical error on this website. " The frontend continues to work. If I go to google cloud and turn on the external IP address temporarily the site backend/admin immediately starts working again. If I turn off the external IP again it continues to work for a while and then becomes inaccessible again. Any tips on how I can troubleshoot what is going on? Anyone else had this issue? Thank you!

Hi @fsjones,

from the description, it sounds like GCP might be flagging inbound connections to your dev site when those connections come from a single IP (that of the Connector). That could explain why it works for some time and then stops working.

Could you check for any alert on the GCP side?