Connectivity breaks after a few minutes and I have to restart the docker connector and re-authenticate my cl


My connection always breaks after a few minutes. The only way to re-establish the connectivity is to restart docker connector container and then log-out and reauthenticate my client again.

I checked my connector status and can see it’s a bit off-sync with the host time.


Is this a time-sync issue? I’m using windows 10 and 11 respectively for my docker connecter and client.

Or is this because free users get only few mins of connectivity?

I can send over the service log if anyone is interested.

With thanks

Anyone? Any suggestions are welcome.

We don’t throttle anything for any of our users regardless of tier.

It could be a time synchronization issue, but time synchronization issues usually manifest as intermittent connectivity issues that don’t require a restart. Read this article to diagnose if it might be a time synchronization issue.

It could also just be issues with Docker networking being unreliable. Docker on Windows is less reliable than running a full VM on Windows. Try using the Chocolately installation method and see if that helps your issue.

We will be releasing a native Windows Connector later this year, which should work even better for you.