Connecting with Arch Linux, Plasma KDE Desktop

I’ve setup my account and have both networks online (high availability). I currently have only one device that I want to connect to my network which is a Dell laptop running Arch Linux with Plasma KDE desktop environment (Manjaro).

I open terminal and do the following:

twingate status
(verify if it’s connected, which by default it’s not)
twingate start
(authenticate with SSO method of choice)
twingate status
(now shows online)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but once that connects should I be able to connect to my network remotely if I have defined it as one of the connections?

I’ve setup my DNS service in Twingate, and also the network infrastructure that I want to access. One connector is using Docker, and a different device using Pi.

Even if I make ICMP available, I cannot PING any static IPs on my network. What am I doing wrong?

…and now it suddenly works. lol

Glad to hear it’s working! Did anything change or did things just start working after a little bit of time?

If you want to dig into what happened, it’d also be good to know more about how your environment handles DNS, e.g. if you use Network Manger or systemd-resolved and any other DNS configuration you’ve set up.