Connecting to SQL Azure via TwinGate

I am trying to setup Twin Gate on Azure to connect to my SQL Azure databases. I have done the following:

  1. Setup TwinGate on Azure (with the command generated in the portal)
  2. Created a VNET for Private links of
  3. Created a Private Link End Point on my SQL Azure DB Server, it created an ip of
  4. I added my DB Server as a resource in the TwinGate portal
  5. I have added the VNET for to the DB Server firewall.

When I try to connect to the db server at that address when connected, it doesn’t connect.

I have tried many different things and I am just guessing at this point, any ideas?

Just to validate things, is the Connector in that VNET ( The Connector needs to be able to access to be able to Connect your to that Resource.

What activity do you see for that Resource in the Admin Console?

You may want to enable Connector logs so you can see what’s happening at the Connector.

I am actually trying now to completely delete my vnet and start from scratch following this guide Azure: Accessing Private Resources | Docs

Do you have to add a private end point to the SQL DB Server to get access to it? and add the resource in Twingate?

If the Connector is on the same virtual network as the SQL DB server you shouldn’t have to create a private endpoint. IIUC, VMs in the same virtual network should be able to talk to each other and as long as the Connector can reach your DB, it should work.

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After redoing it following that docs, everything is working perfect. Thanks

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