Cannot RDP to any of my Home Network Computers


I install then uninstall and reinstall again everything, i have the connector running well no issues. I use Chocolatey I’m on Windows 10. I don’t see any issues in the Hyper V running the VM with ubuntu.

But when ever i try to RDP on my phone or my other laptop to any computer on my network it just doesn’t find it because is not in the network which i though twingate was supposed to resolve. I kept the same port 3389 also tried 3390 but still the same issue.

My whole goal is to RDP to my Home computer or any computer at home while not at home.

Any ideas?

Hi Arroyo.

Are you specified resource and added network subnet ?



I did not add Network Subnet I’m not like that of an expert on this I’m still learning, i just follow up some instructions from a video on youtube posted by twingate EMRUL I believe.

I have my laptop connected via ethernet, the hyper V with the VM created with chocolatey and everything is looking good as per connector wise like is online. I’m using the DNS portion I’m not sure but I added the connector name as the DNS Address.

I have not try the CIDR well i kind of did with my gateway but didn’t work either.

Is there like any step by step on how to do this to make it work?


In the Twingate control panel when you installing the connector you’ll need to specify subnet and give access with resource which devices or groups can be access to it.
Like this.

Then when you login with client application you can access with the IP address which is specified.
But if you have more then 1 RDP connection in the same subnet you can specify the subnet.

Hi, I try your suggestion and still didn’t work, I try using the router subnet, the VM subnet IP the subnet from my ISP and still did not connect.

Every time i get the message that I’m not in the same network.

Hi Arroyo.

There will be different networks for each machine connector, not all in one.

Are there open ports for RDP on Windows machines and do you accept connections or not?

Could you please check your Twingate settings if your phone is verified?

As soon as you connect twingate VPN ping to the IP address you specified in the network, you can download any ping software in your phone and check whether you have pings or not

Hi Darkdevops,

I did all that still not working.

Is there any video explaining how to properly do this?


I think the END of VPNs?! - YouTube
You can see videos about Twingate from Youtube


And I configure for test your environment from my Laptop it’s working fine and via Iphone I can RDP