Avast antivirus breaks latest Twingate client in Windows

I had to fully uninstall Avast to get Twingate working again after a client update.
Do you have a list of working, trusted antivirus software that is compatible with Twingate clients?
Avast no longer working as of 1.0.27+19340 | 0.142.0

Can you share the behavior you saw? Can you collect logs and email or share them here? To get logs click More->troubleshoot->collect detailed logs.

I am not aware of any known issues with any anti virus and Twingate. Of course any other VPN solution can have a conflict, but is there something about Avast that is checking network traffic perhaps?

Can you also describe what “not working” means and what you observed?

Thank you for reporting this and helping us to determine root cause.

One of my colleagues had the issue. I am just reporting what we did to fix it (uninstall Avast) I know avast has VPN solutions built-in. Other antivirus like BitDefender seem to work so I’ve answered my own question.

Yeah I suspect that is the case. There is something with the Avast install that is overlapping with what Twingate is doing. Usually you can disable that portion of the AV.