Accessing Ubuntu Server from Android phone client

Went through the twingate intallation setup, with the connector on the ubuntu server via docker, downloaded twingate app on android phone. The twingate bits all work, but when I copy server ip address (from the twingate app) into browser I don’t get an ubuntu login, just some apache page.

Not sure if I am missing something…do I have to install some remote desktop app on the phone as well.

Hi @pedeb04, are you running a web server on your Ubuntu machine? If not, the open in browser won’t work. You should be able to connect to the services that are running on the Ubuntu (e.g. SSH perhaps).

If you want to access a Remote Desktop then yes, you’d need to install some type of remote desktop server on the Ubuntu machine.

Hi Emrul, thanks I found Termux, a really good program for using ssh on android phone at Termux | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Even install cli version of ubuntu.