Access unqualified internal system


just on the 14 day Twin gate trial at the moment as our existing firewall\infrastructure isn’t playing nice with one of our internal systems that we wanting to expose to the internet.

Following networkchuck (how i found the product), i am able to setup a connection to the internal web application using FQDNs ( What i am after thou is just to using the hostname (Eramba) \ URL (http:\eramba).

i am guessing that you will need two connectors setup (1 FQDN and 1 Non FQDN) but i am having trouble with the Non FQDN connector.

Using docker script that is generated. do i need to edit or add something to the auto script for it to use Non FQDN or am i going down the wrong path?

Hey Will (Not Wales!!),

We’ve actually got documentation specifically about supporting unqualified domain names – the TL;DR is that you’ll need to define eramba as a Twingate resource, and then ensure that the device running your connector has abc.local set as a search domain, and things should work as expected.

Let us know if this doesn’t help the scenario!