64 bit version needed

you wouldn’t happen to have a 64 bit version for windows would you? if yes please notify on how to download. if not when?

Our Windows client should be 64-bit, it just happens to be installed in the x86 folder. That will be fixed at some point.

If you want to validate that it is in fact 64-bit, you can try this hacky StackExchange answer.

Could you share more info on why you need a 64 bit version specifically?

32 bit version will be legacy soon and for some reason your pc version doesn’t want to play nice with my pc?

The client is 64-bit, it’s just not in the normal C:\Program Files path.

What issue are you running into where the client isn’t playing nice?

dosen’t startup after dobble click even after opening as administrator?

Can you please post your Twingate Client Logs and we can investigate what might be going on.