404 Client Error on automated pipeline

Hello, we’ve been using twingate for a while and we wanted to run a script through an automated pipeline in github actions that runs every day at 4 am.
Whenever we run the pipeline manually, the run goes through perfectly, but when it runs automatically at 4 am, sometimes (about 50% of the time) the pipeline fails with a:
requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: for url: https://placeholderurl.json

on twingate side, there doesnt seem to be anything weird on the connection logs, but itd seem like connection is breaking up randomly for the svc_account on the pipeline.

any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @nicolas.ferrovia,

since it breaks about 50% of the time, I wonder if there is a particular timeout at play somewhere? When there is an error, do you still see corresponding network events in the Admin Console for the right resource?

Connection is green on the admin console for the resource, everything seems to be in order, is there any sort of log or anything like that, that i could share that could provide more info?

Hi @nicolas.ferrovia,

you can click on the Resource that your github actions is connecting to via Twingate and should see all the activities there, I believe including activities generated by service accounts:

everything seems to be working fine here, even when the pipeline breaks, normally id assume twingate isnt the problem, but its a connection problem that only started after integrating twingate to the automation.